Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nov. 17th, 2009 - My Life in a Male Chastity Device

Nov. 17th, 2009

Since I have switch sizes on my chastity device and have sanded down a few rough edges I can now wear the chastity device with great comfort. Down the road I write specifically on how I did many of the repairs so others can benefit from my mistakes as well as my accomplishments.

I'm not sure how days have gone by since my last orgasm but it does for the most part seem to be getting easier at this point. Though there are times I get excited especially when my wife DD teases me or gives me errons or I'm massaging her etc., and then there are also time where I'll be chatting online with a man with common interests which also gets my juices flowing. Two nights ago I was chatting with a man that has a huge interest in with men being kept in diapers 24/7 as well as other common fetishes. Our chat was a lot of fun and I notice I was actually precumming. I still have yet to get an answer yet on weather or not this help clean my prostate or not. This same type of precumming happens a lot when I receive teasing or I'm massaging DD. When and if I ever find out the answer to this I will be sure to post it.

Being at work their are many times where I'm not actually wearing my chastity. When out and about I have been simply been keeping it off know that I can't masturbate even if I wanted too. Same with airline flights unless I wanted to become a solo mile higher... and I don't. Last night I was so worn out from the night before with my fantasy chat that I did wear it to sleep. I was so tired I knew I could just go to sleep and get a good nights sleep at that. I slept soundly for 10 hours straight. This never happens with me and I was very pleased. Actually as I look at the clock it has now been over 24 hours since I have had the chastity on. I would be lying to say I haven't had an erection in that time but that was quickly stopped by simply not doing anything about the erections. All in all I've been in decent control and it gone relatively easy. Tonight I will put the device back on just so I'm not taking any chances and get to tempted to masturbate, or edge myself with teasing till I can't control it anymore.

Since I have been under DD's Raine's I was hoping to have dropped some pound off my big body. I believe I am still at around 300 pounds. This is frustrating to me. I was kind of hoping that she would give me more standing orders of working out or more restrictive eating habits. Of course when the ice cream comes out I'm happy she gives me a cup full so in truth there is a real catch 22 situation happening here. With that said I am not at all upset or disappointed in her not taking the raine's on that. I am extremely grateful for what she has done as apposed to what she hasn't done. What this means is if she's not going to give standing orders and push me more on this I simply have to do it myself. WAY easier said than done but I will try. I will in the VERY near future create my own limits and with all my heart try and stick to them. Perhaps once I make my own outlines I can present them to DD and then report to her each day on how that day went. Perhaps days added to chastity when I do bad and perhaps teasing days for when I have achieved certain goals. It's all unclear at the moment but today... I have hope.